What is your weight on other planets?


Your weight on Mercury:


Your weight on Venus:


Your weight on Earth:


Your weight on Mars:


Your weight on Jupiter:


Your weight on Saturn:


Your weight on Uranus:


Your weight on Neptune:


Your weight on Pluto:


Your weight on Moon:


Your weight on Sun:

The purpose of this page

Initially created as a JavaScript practice. Simple script on this website multiples your weight by a certain factor depending on the planet gravitational pull. This might be an obvious fact for most. Still, many people finds that interesting. I hope that you like it as well!

What gravity actually is?

It hasn’t been explored in its entirety yet. One of the four fundamental forces governing our universe. Known as a weak force. Despite the name, it’s pretty capable. Able to slow down time and bend the light rays. You must admit, that is something. It is also a reason why you read this text. Without it, universe would be nothing but an empty void filled with darkness. Nothing would ever happen.

Is this interesting for you?

Consider giving me a big like on Facebook;) Will that be beneficial for you? Most likely not but it will give me a feedback on whether this website makes any sense.
Honestly, it makes as much sense as landing on the sun to check your weight!
Anyway, have a nice day and better stay on our wonderful planet Earth!